Air filter reviews for cotton, synthetic and paper air filters

Replacement Air Filter Review for Honda Civic 1.3L and 1.5L

Honda Civic Air Filters

If you stopped-down to read this it’s probably due to one of four fundamental reasons; either you own a Honda Civic, you’re thinking about buying a Civic, you’re between Civics, or you enjoy random air filter information. The fact is Americans love the Honda Civic, which is why it’s been among the bestselling vehicles in North America since 1973. One obvious appeal is that J.D. Power and Associates, specifically their Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) and their Initial Quality Study (IQS), consistently place the Civic on their list of the most affordably reliable cars on the market. They also boast an above standards safety record, which supports the reality that Honda Civic also remains a top choice as one of the bestselling pre-owned cars in the market.

One of the least expensive and easiest ways to show your Honda Civic love and insure top dollar during resell, is to perform simple acts of maintenance, like regular oil and air filter replacements. And between those two, air filter replacement and filter cleaning is the easiest procedure that practically everyone can DIY. Essentially on most models you simply remove the fasteners on top of the air box cover, remove the old filter and replace the new air filter (instructions are in the vehicle manual). The specific brand for air filter replacement is your choice.

Air filter brand selection breaks down into two basic decisions, a straight OEM style air filter replacement, or an aftermarket air filter replacement upgrade. Factory installed air filters are typically paper air filters that need to be replaced around every 12,000 to 15,000 miles. The other option is to go with a reusable, aftermarket cotton replacement air filter, or a synthetic replacement air filter and some of these upgrade air filters can be cleaned and used for up to a million miles. All three of these choices serve their purpose and have their place, so the replacement air filter decision ultimately comes down to your individual driving needs and conditions.

Without question the cotton and synthetic replacement air filters have the broadest range of use, and one of the widest model ranges and popular choices for Honda Civics is K&N’s reusable, cotton element air filter (part no. 33-2348). This particular replacement filters fits 2006-2011 Honda Civic 1.3L and 2012-2015 1.5L models.

Air filters are measured by how much dirt they keep out of your engine, while still allowing for exceptional levels of air flow. As tough as it is to find that ideal balance between engine protection and optimum air flow, this K&N air filter replacement seems to be hitting that perfect note with Honda Civic aficionados.

An air filters recommended service interval is a good way for determining the filter capacity, meaning, how long an air filter can maintain that fragile balance between protection and air flow during and between service intervals. K&N air filters list their service intervals as reaching up to 50,000 miles before filter maintenance is needed. And they provide their own specialized air filter cleaner which makes cleaning a snap. Additionally, K&N replacement air filters provide a limited million mile warranty. With that in mind, and even considering Honda’s dazzling reliability track record, it’s a pretty solid chance you’ll only replace the air filter once in your Honda Civic with K&N. The rest of the time you’ll only need to spruce them up for the next couple of trips around the planet.

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